SRL Total Source, LLC is a certified SBA 8(a) business (Since November 2011). We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, that provides superior technology and strategic approaches to business processes. We also provide quality professional medical business solutions and development implementation for State and Federal Government Agencies.

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83 High Street, Suite B

Waldorf, MD 20602


Phone: 301.885.0097

E-mail: info@srltotalsource.com


Core Cyber Security Capabilities

  • Cyber Threat Analysis and Program Management

  • Network Security Management Security Incident

  • Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM)

  • IA Policy and Program Support Information

  • Response and Reporting Security Incident

  • Assessment Information System Security

  • ​Coordinate Incident Response Activities 

  • Malware Analysis Incident Trending

  • Computer Emergency Response 

  • Watch Center Operations

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SRL designs and implements cyber security solutions developed to plan, protect and defend private sector and government enclaves from threats or vulnerabilities that are considered "zero-day" or existing threats from an assortment of sources. Areas of concern have been identified but, not limited to the following:


  • External Agents

  • Polymorphic Viruses

  • SQL Injection Attacks

  • User Configuration Errors

  • Inadvertent Data Leakage

  • Application/ Vendor Updates

  • Lack of Global Security Policies

  • Poor Patch Management Practices

  • APT- Advanced Persistent Threats

  • Lack of Employee Training and Review

  • Forgone Disaster Recovery Procedures

  • Alternative Power / Resource Management

  • Lack of Semi-Annual Mock Threat Testing Scenarios    

By performing code analysis at the most basic layer, we can and have eradicated potential vulnerabilities using the following techniques: 

  • Create DevOps testing team

  • Remove unnecessary processes from system

  • Work with vendors to improve coding process

  • Review internal coding procedures for malicious code

  • Implement applications using an automated repetitive approach

  • Review coding best practices from Carnegie Mellon (CMMI Processes)

  • Create application review board for development oversight & compliance

  • Randomly check ports, applications and processes to ensure authorized access

  • Migrate Legacy systems to new and improved application/database design platforms

  • Implement Network Management System to check "Work-Flow" and "Data" sessions

  • Adopt data sharing using "Serialization" techniques using "Javascript Object Notation" or JSON and Extensible Markup Language or XML

SRL solutions that combine state-of-the-art technology with best business practices and practical experience can successfully mitigate risk using the following practices:  

Implement IPS/IDS Tools

Configure Server Firewalls

Encrypt volumes on Storage Arrays

Employ Patch Management Policies

Implement DISA's AD Group Policy

Configure Multi-factor authentication

Create "Mimic Test Lab" Environment

Design "Big-Data" Platforms to identify

Isolate Applications using "Docker" apps

Enable PEM/PPK Keys for SecureAccess

Implement "Cognitive Computing" solutions

Configure SIEM devices to improve situational awareness